The Don’ts in Maldives

The Maldives is considered as one of the world’s best destinations where dream vacation comes true. The beautiful island of Maldives is considered where magic meets beauty.

The Maldives is a gorgeous getaway to enjoy the sun, sand, and seafood. Though the resorts have has its own identity and lenient rules than the inhabited islands, the nation itself is very conservative.

Your vacation in this piece of paradise will be full of sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, whale shark watching, island hopping, bicycle riding, gorging on delicious food, surfing, and paddleboarding. The Maldives is branded as the “Sunny-side of life” and a place for the sun, sea, and sands these natural factors are the most obvious reasons why it is a popular tourist destination. Maldivians know that foreign visitors follow their customs and different ways of doing things. Therefore, visitors to the Maldives should follow the local customs and practices.

We want to ensure that your holiday goes smoothly without any glitch, hence here’s a simple guide to what not to do in the Maldives to make your trip a memorable one.

Do not take off your tee: it is all about public Local Islands and beaches. This custom certainly sounds absurd to you. It’s an Islamic country there are certain morals and values to uphold. You cannot expect to roam around in a bikini in public places and expect the people there to take it easy. You can do all this in your resort. Nude sunbathing is an absolute no-no in the Maldives.

Don’t buy turtle and black coral since they are endangered not just in the Maldives, but all over the world. While taking a stroll on many atolls in the Maldives, you might come across some shady people who are trying to sell turtle shell and black corals to you. This sale of products have been banned in the Maldives for over two decades, so please don’t partake in this illegal and unethical sale unless you want to face harsh punishments or even jail time.

Don’t bring liquor or alcohol products to the Maldives. The import of alcohol and consumption in the local islands is strictly prohibited. Only permit holders such as resort and safari boats are allowed to import alcohol in the Maldives. However, alcoholic beverages are available for consumption in the tourist resorts.

Sunscreen: the Maldives is known for its serene turquoise waters. But before you dive into the depths of the ocean make sure you apply an adequate amount of good quality sunscreen lotion to avoid getting a dreadful tan that will cause even more excruciating burns and you might have to spend some days of your vacation in your hotel room.

Maldivian island hopping: Tourists are discouraged from visiting Non -resort islands. This is largely in case they want to keep a tight grip on where the tourist dollars are spent and to make sure the Non- resort islands are not corrupted by foreign influences. To visit the Non- resort islands and utter atolls you will need to organize a guide or licensed tour operator to show you around.

Avoid excess display of intimacy in public: the Maldives is considered as a conservative country. Too much display of intimacy on public local places isn’t considered as decent and people might object. Avoid getting into trouble during your short stay there. Let your holiday be a memorable one.

Do not litter the ocean: Marine life and vegetation are an important part of the ecosystem and in the world of rapid climate change the marine habitat has been affected severely. No matter which beaches you visit, please refrain from littering. We have all seen images of seals trapped in plastic sheets, plastic removed out of a whale during autopsy and straws stuck in a poor turtle’s nose. All of these can be hazardous.

Be extra respectful during the holy month of Ramadan. People are likely to be sensitive to anything they perceive during this month. You should take steps to avoid eating, drinking or smoking in the public. Ramadan involves Muslims not eating or drinking from dawn to dusk and it’s rude to ignore these customs.

Use high protection cream: since the Maldives is located so close to the equator, it is possible to get burnt even on a cloudy day. So, you need high factor cream.

Avoid drinking tap water: water undergoes a different process in the Maldives to get rid of all the harmful bacteria and germs. This process is known as reverse osmosis desalination. This process is very successful in eradicating all the germs and bacteria from recycled water. It also gets rid of all the natural minerals in the water that provide several benefits to the human body and ends up not being as nutritious as it should be. It is a better choice to opt for packaged mineral water sold in these stores.

Banned items: the Maldives is a strictly Islamic country. There are specific ban items that you can bring with you to enjoy a hassle-free vacation at the Maldives. Leave at the port items which you have carried and not allowed using like alcohol, tobacco products, and religious texts and enjoy the unplugged holiday.

Don’t wear your shoes while entering a home or mosque. If you are not sure if you should remove your shoes, take a peep at what other people are doing and follow or ask someone.

When meeting someone for the first time, a handshake is common. Accept between men and women of the Muslim faith. Maldivian men may nod or bow to a woman, but if you are unsure, you can extend your hand.

Drug enforcement in the Maldives is strict and you have to pay a heavy penalty. They don’t have the death penalty for drug offenses, but they do have mandatory prison time for anyone caught even with soft drugs. Possession of minor amounts is considered trafficking with a life sentence in prison attached to it.

To make the best out of your trip to the Maldives is to shed off all remains of supremacy from your actions and think as the locals do. To earn respect you should show respect to others too.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you have a problem-free trip to Maldives.

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Find Hidden Beauty in Moldova

Find Hidden Beauty in Moldova
Moldova is the least visited European country. So they lack tourist attractions. Though Moldova is rich in its history and tradition; it is very poor in tourism strategy and promotion.

Moldova offers a lot in its own right way. First it’s remote and rarely visited country making it perfect for adventurers who want to blaze a trail. Second it has a growing wine tourism industry and those who knows wines known that some of the best in Europe come from Moldova. Moldova is a perfect destination for people who are seeking solitude and adventure. Moldova being a remote country, so a stone is yet to be unturned. There are various places to visit in Moldova especially the picturesque views and a variety of landscapes which include river and valleys alike.


Moldovan people are very friendly even though they might be cold in the beginning, but once you get to know some of them you’ll see that they are very cheerful and like to dance much more than other Eastern European people. Moldovan girls are the most beautiful girls in the world.



Chisinau is a friendly place with beautiful parks, nature and lots of green space. There are lots of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, spas and casinos. Don’t miss out the Pushkin Park and the Orange Pyramid at the World War II memorial. You’ll find marvellous frescoes in the Nativity cathedral .When visiting Chisinau do as the locals do and start your day with a coffee and a glass of local Kvint cognac. After your coffee you have no other choice than exploring the city by foot.

Tipova Monastery is situated in a remote area, but the scenic beauty makes up for it. Located in one of the most beautiful places in the country, the monastery has three complexes which were dug out from the rocks on the banks of Nistru River. The churches were built between 11th and 14th century. It is believed that the complexes have originally served as a refuge place for Christians trying to hide from the Tartars during their invasion in the 13th century. Apart from the beauty of the monastery, visitors are attracted by the amazing landscapes around the place. The combination of rivers, forest, cliffs, waterfalls and hills creates a unique Moldovan charm together with its local culture and mild climate.

Festivals in Moldova not to miss: when we travel we like to make sure our trips are larger than life and bigger than grand plans. There’s no better way to do so than loving it up at a festival.

Some of the festivals have been listed to chart out your travel plans. 

GUSTAR is an ethno music festival. The citizen of Moldova and foreign tourists gather for a multicultural dialogue. People call it Gustar, archaic word that symbolizes the month when most of the fruits including grapes are ripen and tasted. You will have a chance to spend a weekend in nature, taste delicious traditional meals and enjoy amazing ethno music.

Velo Hora: it’s a goal to unite people on bicycles, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle changing drivers attitude towards cyclists. There have family friendly games and activities to enjoy, including an open air concert in the square. The festival draws its name from Hora, a traditional Moldovan circle dance symbolizing unity.

Wine Day: try different types of wine and liquor, enjoy traditional food, meet people, engage in a traditional Hora and have a whole Moldovan cultural experience. Don’t forget to spoil yourself and buy a bottle of Moldovan Wine.

Martisor is one of the biggest musical celebrations in Moldova. During these ten days you can feel the music vibrations in the air. The concert halls from Chisinau and other cities host over 40 concerts. Martisor is a music festival with most varied folklore and symphony music, theatre and chamber companies, even modern music. It gathers artists from many countries.

Breathtaking landscape: Moldova has some pretty bad roads but there are some really amazing landscapes you can see while travelling around. Moldova is a hilly country with lush green forest. The autumn is especially beautiful when the forest get golden red. Moldova nature is really amazing with stunning sceneries.

The weirdest tourist attraction: Moldova is probably the poorest country in Europe. It is surprising when you see a bunch of rich people flaunting their wealth in the town of Soroca. They have built some astonishing houses that are a replica of some of the national landmarks like Peter’s Basilica and the Bolshoi theatre. This town is known as Gypsy Hill and is becoming a hot tourist attraction with tourists from around the world coming to admire this replica town.

Stefan Cel Mare Park: if you wish to spend some lonely time anywhere then this place is the best one. The park is very big and there are many sitting areas. You can sit here quietly for a moment. Apart from this there are some eating places inside the park that serves tasty delicious snacks. If you wish you can avail such food. During the night this park is beautifully decorated.

Incredible food and hospitality: “Al Mancat? Vine, Maninca is some of the first Romanian words one will learn when visiting Moldova. Did you eat, come eat. Although the dishes vary as far as culinary style is concerned the grand Hospitality and sense of welcoming the food is served never changes.

Moldova is known for its vibrant nightlife which is filled with numerous bars and clubs. The Republic of Moldova is an ideal place for the ones who seek to enjoy an active nightlife.

These are some of the places to enjoy your night out 

Party ZAN Game Club, Kira Club, Mojitos, Sky bar, Barbar, Korova, Piano Bar, Tap Room 27, Black Rabbit Gastro barrow And Toast Cafe.

If you are on a budget, come to Moldova. Here you can afford to have a good time. Food, wine, bar hopping and taxis are cheap.

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Navigate Around the Alluring Principality Monaco

Navigate Around the Alluring Principality Monaco
Monaco is a destination like no other. It is the second smallest country in the world, less than two square kilometres in size it is perhaps the most glamorous little stretch of land on the planet. The scenery is dotted with deep blue sea, graceful palm trees and vibrant flowers. The most dramatic feature is the steep rock jutting out into the Mediterranean called “Le Rocher” (The Rock).

Monaco is also a home to the most renowned casino in the world which is constantly surrounded by fast luxury cars such as Ferrari, Bentley or Lamborghini. This country though small in size offers many fun attractions and the good news is you don’t have to own a great deal of money to experience them.

Here are some reasons why Monaco should be on your must-visit list. 

Enjoy the sunshine at Larvotto Beach: 

Monaco is located by the Mediterranean Sea which makes it a perfect spot for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming in the warm water. Even during the winter months when the rest of Europe is freezing cold you will till most likely be able to enjoy a warm climate and plenty of sun. Beside the well maintained beach the area boasts many seaside restaurants and brasseries where you can enjoy delicious French food and refreshing drinks.

Monte-Carlo casino: 

Monaca’s casino is the iconic building in the principality and probably one of the landmarks most familiar to you when thinking of Monaco. It is one of the most famous casinos in the world, particularly as it was built in the flamboyant Beaux Arts Style in 1893. The marble atrium is lavish in style. There are 28 onyx columns that welcome you to the Gaming Rooms. Fans of James Bond will enjoy the scenery as this is said to have been the setting for the James Bond Novel “Casino Royale”. There is different gaming rooms decorated according to the themes. Make sure you look up at the stunning artwork as you try your luck.

Ni Box bowling: 

To escape the heat for a while and some light-hearted fun, you can find a well equipped bowling alley in the heart of Monaco. Open solely in the afternoons from 2 Pm onwards. You can spend time for a few hours of entertainment here.

There is no need for an introduction for racing fanatics; the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the main Formula 1 races in the calendar each year. The racing tradition in the principality started in 1950 and usually takes place around May. What makes it more special is that it cuts through the streets of the city past Boulevard Alberta and past the famous Monte Carlo Fairmont Hotel.

Fantastic food: 

Monaco is a home to some of the world’s most reputable restaurants along with a whole host of delicious local cuisine. Whatever your taste buds are looking for in the principality, Monaco should be able to provide with vigour. You’ll find Italian and French Fusion when it comes to the Principality’s cuisine. Some of the best restaurants are Blue bay, Le Louis XV, Joel Robuchon Monte Carlo, IL Terrazzino etc.

One of the beautiful buildings and landmark of the principality, the Oceanographic Museum is a must to see. Perched on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, it houses various exhibitions throughout the year as well as it is an impressive aquarium. An aquarium is situated in the basement that holds more than 6000 specimens.

Monaco Tours:

Perfect for tired leg sightseeing. Hop on Monaco’s little train to tour the city. Lasting for 30 minutes, the tour takes you around all the sights of Monaco feeding you all the interesting facts and figures. It runs all year round from February to November.

Rainier III outdoor swimming stadium allow the kids to spend the afternoon cooling off and splashing around in this open air pool right on the harbour. It’s run by the municipality and the rates are reasonable, considering its Monaco. Interesting facts is that in the wintertime it is turned into an ice skating rink.

Monaco is filled to the brim with luxurious hotels to stay. This is why if you’re looking for an indulgent treat destination for a particular celebration there is really nowhere better than Monaco. Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo with its Gustave Eiffel Dome and opulence wherever you look is the best.

Le Metropole shopping centre: 

A sweeping marble staircase, chandeliers and designers clothes at every corner. Monaco’s shopping centre definitely doesn’t disappoint. It is known for its opulence which also means that you can expect to find a good range of upscale shopping opportunities here. The shopping centre consists of three floors and there are plenty of seats to rest your weary feet, plenty of Photo opportunities too. Avenue Princess Grace, named in honour of Grace Kelly is also another good choice if you want to find some elegant clothes and accessories.

Luxury spa experience: 

Monaco has a selection of luxury spas which offers relaxing treatments for visitors to the country. Thermes Marin Monte Carlo offers luxury tailor made treatments, including sweater based treatment, wellness programs, massages and more and has been a part of the spa scene in Monaco for nearly a century.

Imagine having a unique, romantic and fun date night on the Mediterranean coast. Doesn’t sound too bad.

Try out these date ideas during your stay in Monaco: 

Enjoy a night at the Monte Carlo Opera House. It’s usually booked, so make sure you plan ahead.
For a more casual date night, try to view the sun as it sets over Monaco. There are several places that are great for sunset viewing as the principality is perched on a cliff .Larvotto Beach and Place du Palais are two favourites.

Monaco’s tourism is the main driver of events and activities all year round. Expatriates working in Monaco have plenty of choice in terms of leisure activities over weekends, during holidays and festivals. There are several major events each season from sporting events to arts and culture and festivals.

Pack your bags for a balmy weather and holiday of hedonism in sunny opulent Monaco.

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Explore the Hidden Gem of Lisbon

Explore the Hidden Gem of Lisbon

The second oldest capital city of Europe is Lisbon. A city tour of Lisbon showcases the attractive sights and sounds of the Portuguese city. Lisbon was once a home to the world’s greatest explorers like Magellan, Vasco Da Gama and Prince Henry. Lisbon is blessed with many beautiful sandy beaches ranging from dune backed sands to little sheltered is coves. Lisbon is a great for a weekend escape. It’s a multicultural, passionate, multifaceted city. It conquers you with its mix of modern and old fashion.

With its world class restaurants, style and rich history in art and culture, Portugal’s city remains high on every traveller’s hit list. Whether you’re just here for a short visit or thinking of sticking around a little longer this checklist will help you find the very best thing. Sticking around a little longer you will find the most important landmarks, get a taste of some traditional Portuguese food and uncover hidden gems in the coolest neighbourhood around the city.

Discover the things to do during your visit here to get into the heart of what makes Lisbon so wonderful.

Find a bakery: Lisbon will certainly become a favourite destination for visitors with a sweet tooth, right from the famous Pasteis de Nata in Belem to tartes de maca to travesseiros in nearby Sintra. Lisbon is a city in to indulge your senses.

Ride Tram 28: Like San Francisco in the United States, Lisbon is a city famed for its historic, rattling tram lines. Tram 28 has been working its way up the steep, cobbled roads and into the old Alfama district for decades. The journey start from below the palm spotted hills of Graca and weaves towards the hair pin alleys of Escolas Gerais before pulling up to a halt beneath the gorgeous domes of the Estrela Basilica.

Lisbon is one of the European cities located so close to the stunning seafront. From its miles of dune backed sands to sheltered coves, Lisbon is a home to numerous beautiful sandy beaches along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a paradise for beach lovers.

The vibrant nightlife: In Lisbon sunset does not mean the end of the day. The day has just started for the locals, especially on the weekends and during the summer holidays from hidden bars to clubs, cellar to beautiful rooftop bars to fancy cocktail places. There is definitely something for everyone. Bairro Alto is the liveliest district in Central Lisbon for its nightlife. It is well known for its vibrant bars and quirky pubs. People tend to spill out of the different bars and drink together on the narrow winding cobbled streets. It is common with students, so the prices of drinks are highly competitive.

Perfect place for foodies: Lisbon has several restaurants to offer with the Portuguese food being delicious and diverse. You will find a hatful of street food option and local restaurants. Lisbon being renowned for its seafood, you will find some of the best cafes and restaurants along with varied award winning fish dishes. It is a good place to start your day when Lisbon is the O Arrastao. But if you want try authentic food, a trip to Taberna is a must.

Go treasures hunting at Feira da ladra: For a very local experience go treasure hunting at Feira da Ladra, Lisbon’s most famous flea market. Every Tuesday and Saturday here you will find hundreds of stalls selling literally anything.

Boat tour along Tagus: speaking of sunset one of the most romantic things to do in Lisbon is going on a sail boat tour along the Tagus and actually enjoy the sunset views from there while sipping a glass of champagne or an icy cold beer.

Lisbon is famous for open air museum because of its fascinating street art. There is street art tour that takes you around to admire the beauty of the city. Each nook and corner of the city you will find creative masterpieces, showcasing the colourful ambience of this artistic city.

Find the best souvenirs from Lisbon: if relatives and friends have asked for a souvenir and you are wondering what to buy in Lisbon this time get them something different from those boring pins and shot glasses. At Conserveira de Lisboa all they sell is premium quality canned food, the shop has been running since 1950 when canned food was popular because it is affordable and but now it is become gourmet canned food. You will find here the typical sardines, tuna and mackerels together with mousse of codfish and stuffed squids and other yummy stuff.

Go underwater in the Lisbon oceanariums: Located out in the blue waters of the Tagus Estuary, the huge Lisbon Oceanariums rises like a hulking aircraft carrier. You can get up close to colourful puffer fish as well as watch the sharks. You’ll see curious moray eels and meet the cuddly penguins.

Watch the sunset from the roof of a car park: many Miradourous offer fantastic views of the city. It is one of the best places to watch the sun go down in Park Bar. This quirky bar is located on top of a multi storey car park. To get to it you have to enter the car park and take the dirty graffities stairs to the top level. As you are going up there’s no indication that there’s a bar at the end.

Shopping: Go full hipster at LX Factory. Formerly it was known as a collection of factories. The LX Factory has been regenerated and turned into a hipster hotspot full of boutique clothing stores, restaurants and bars. It tends to attract a slightly older and mellower crowd than the Bairro Alto and is ideal if you’re looking for a fun evening with good food and good cocktail but not a night that lasts till 7 in the morning.

Lisbon is a cultural wonder yet besides Fado, street art routes, literature, history and museums there is also a room for adventurous thing to do.

Motorbike Tour: if you want to enjoy a unique experience you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the south of Portugal on a 4 day motorbike tour through Southern Portugal along the Vincentian Coast.

Visiting Lisbon and not going for surfing is like visiting Barcelona and not trying the famous bread with tomato or like going to Amsterdam and not hopping on a bike. Learn to surf with a local surfer.
The better way to get to know a city than to get tips from a local on the most unique experiences is to feel it for yourself. This will make your trip truly unforgettable.

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Choosing a Suitable Sporty Destination

Choosing a Suitable Sporty Destination

Different people spend their vacation in a variety of ways. Most of the tourists prefer to relax and unwind while others are thrilled by an energetic getaway.

Most sports person lookout for adrenaline rushing sports activities to engage in just like any other vacation. Choosing a suitable destination for a sporty holiday takes time and seeing that the trip is a success. Depending on what sports they prefer, sports fans can choose to visit the sporting destinations that will offer them fun.

So take a look at the top sporty holidays. 

Antigua: Carlisle Bay is a family friendly hotel with a myriad of sporting possibilities. It’s particularly good for tennis lovers with 9 tennis courts and some fantastic programmes. Complimentary activities at the resort include use of the swimming pool, snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking and gym. With an additional charge guests can go scuba diving, deep sea fishing, water skiing and kite surfing nearby. There are also 18 golf courses.

Rio-de Janeiro Brazil: after the success of FIFA World Cup many football enthusiast will want to visit Brazil. However there are also other sports where tourists can participate. For instance mountain biking, canoeing, scuba diving and kite surfing will be great activities for those who enjoy energetic vacations.

South Korea: anyone looking for traditional martial arts, judo and taekwondo, South Korea is a destination worth considering. At the same time visitors are likely to enjoy base, football and golf. Alternatively one can try out boating or walk and hike along the beautiful trails.

Sydney in Australia is one of the world’s greatest places to spend sports holidays with a rich sporting legacy left after the successful Olympics Games which were held here in the 2000.Sydney offers a wide variety of water sports and outdoor activities such as skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving canoeing kayaking ,surfing, water rafting, hiking and horse riding. Certain area along its coast also offers power sports such as water skiing and jet skiing. It also allows its visitors to go sailing.

Jamaica has been voted as the best sports tourism destination. Indeed it is a little surprise considering that the country offers opportunities aimed at satisfying tourist’s appetite for excitement like mountain biking, diving, fishing, dog sledding and tennis. These sporting destinations are worth visiting.

Toronto is an ice hockey town. The Maple Leafs is the pride and joy of this wonderful city. Toronto is also a basketball franchise as well.

Tokyo is a city that’s not only stunning but also a great sports town. Baseball is a staple game for the people of this city with five clubs in the area. The famous teams like Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, Saitama Seibu Lions, Chiba Lotte Marines, Tokyo Yakult Swallos and Yokohama DeNA Baystars are driving fans to visit the stadiums during each and every season.

Maui Hawaii is a home to pristine white sand beaches, aquamarine water and a rich sea life. Maui isn’t just for sun worshippers and relaxation seekers with its lush tropical landscape, mountainous terrain and volcanic peaks, this island is also perfect destination for adventurist.

Get your hands on typical outdoor activities such as canoeing, snorkelling, kayaking, hiking sailing and ocean rafting. Activities like zip lining, scuba diving, rainforest, rappelling, parasailing, helicopter rides and hiking up the Haeakal Crater a four mile hike through Maui’s Volcano can also be explored. Visitors can even bike down to the base of the Volcano.

Las Vegas Nevada is not only for famous for casinos, nightclubs and pool bars. Visitors can take part in adventure sports, go ATV riding or land sailing, free fall over the bright lights of the city. Head to outdoor shooting range, drive an exotic car at racing speeds or book a helicopter tour. For the ultimate adrenaline rush opt for one of the city’s most famed activities thru zero gravity flight.

Adventure sports destinations in the world: 

One man sports is another man’s madness. A sport is a tame and slightly misplaced suffix when it comes to adventure sports. Adventure sports have a certain amount of thrill and danger involved. Sports like skiing, mountaineering, bungee jumping have garnered a huge number of followers and are practiced all across the globe. For those on the other side of the fence here’s a snap shot of the most spine tingling, heart –in –your mouth destination for extreme sports in the world.

Mysore: Sky Diving is not a very popular sports in India due to conservative mentality of the people and the amount of risk involved. Mysore being a historical town with various monument and forts, it also offers thrill seekers a chance to experience skydiving, accelerated free falls and tandem jumps.

Auli (Skiing): is located in the state of Uttarkhand in the northern part of India. Auli is the major skiing destination in the Himalayas with its monolithic slopes which go up to a massive 3049 meters above sea level. It attracts adventure skiers from all across the world. December to March is the best season to visit Auli.

Flying fox in Kerala: apart from water sports, Kerala offers one of the extreme and fascinating sports called Flying Fox. It is a unique journey from above the hills, rivers or valleys with ultra strong steel zip lines and at the same time enjoy the breathtaking views of the earth below. Kerala also offers extreme adventure sports like Mountaineering, valley crossing and Trampoline.

Stok Jangri Ladakh: The trek up to stok Kangri is considered to be one of the most challenging trek routes in India. However once you’re up there you can reward yourself by Paragliding over the valleys and taking in some breathe taking views.

Bali a surfer’s paradise with its beautiful sandy beaches, exotic culture and friendly people is a home to some of the best surf breaks in the world. The Legian is a perfect place to stay and enjoy the best Bali has to offer. Being close to some great beaches for surfing and the local shops and restaurants of Seminyak, the hotel is ideal for both families and couples looking for a far away holiday this summer.

If you like to play as hard as you relax and you fancy an energetic getaway, take a look at our top sporty holidays.

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Backpackers Delight: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Halong Bay Backpackers Delight:  Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Southeast Asia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the world. This corner of the Asian continent is big and diverse offering many great activities for everyone. Natural beauties, fascinating landmarks and many cultures are assets that Southeast Asia has in abundance. Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos are especially rewarding in this regard. These countries are very popular among backpackers. Affordable lodging, cheap transport and endless friendliness of the locals are faithful companions to members of the backpacking community. So is planning essential in many things in life, including travelling.

Let’s find out how you should plan a Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos backpacking tour.

Laos: there is something special about Laos that we just love. If you’re looking for a bit more authenticity and calmness than Laos is the place to visit. Laos lacks iconic sights. There is nothing necessarily epic that draws people to it. Laos is a paradise for backpackers, offering satisfying backpacking experience, irresistible gastronomy, undiscovered wilderness, spell binding scenery, mysterious river village and adrenaline pumping adventure activities and budget friendly travel option across the country. Laos is the destination for adventurers. Thanks to its pristine jungles and Karsts mountain landscape. It is the best country in mainland Southeast Asia for hiking and trekking. It’s also an excellent place for other outdoor activities like kayaking, zip-lining, carving and rock climbing.

The standard backpacker route through Laos includes Lang Prabang, Vang Veng and Vientiane. These towns offer excellent western Style accommodations and restaurants.

Activities for backpackers: admire the beauty of Kuang Si waterfall one of the prettiest waterfall of Asia. Take a ride in a hot air balloon in Vang Vieng and swim in the secret Pool at Kuang Si the most famous waterfall.

Chill in a hammock at Si Phan Don: No backpacker’s trip to Laos is complete without some major chill out time on 4000 islands. Choose a village home stay or stay at Mekong riverside bungalow.

Vieng: Explore the caves, blue lagoons, tube down the river or go Zip lingo by day and then party the night away in this backpacker haven three hours north of Vientiane.

Join a cooking class in Luang Prabang and learn how to cook some Laotian delicacies.

Laos is not cheap to travel as Thailand or Vietnam but by staying in hostel and eating local food you can save on that. The local currency is the Lao Kip; however Thai Baht and USD are also widely accepted.

Laos is a special place where you’ll long to return to.


Cambodia is a fun and cheap destination for backpackers. But what really make it an enchanting destination to visit are its beautiful friendly people.

The ancient mysterious and breathtaking vine clad temple complex of Angkor Wat is one of the most mesmerising sights you will ever set eyes upon. Such is the rustic beauty and appeal of Cambodia that once you backpack across it mystical terrain a part of your soul never leaves from there.

Start off at Siem Reap and take a self tour at Angkor Wat: You can also take the Angkor wat sunrise Tour. The place contains the magnificent remains of the capital during Khmer empire dating from the ninth century. Move out before dawn to catch the sunrise behind the site’s most famous temple.

Kampot is a laidback river town for those seeking a vacation. Book a riverfront hostel, open a can of Angkor beer and watch the world for by. Adventurous tourist may hire a motorbike and head up towards the Bokor Mountain.

Koh Rong Samloem is a perfect postcard tropical island. It is a home to simple beach huts and swathes of untouched stretches of white sand. This island also boasts of translucent turquoise waters perfect for snorkelling.

Backpackers Delight:  Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos bamboo train

Ride the bamboo train: another unforgettable experience that sits in Battambang is the bamboo train. The train is made up of a small bamboo platform covered with a mat and a few thin cushions to sit on. This sits on two sets of bogies with a simple motor at the back. A wooden pole is used as both the brakes and accelerator with the train hitting speeds of up to 50km/hr a truly exhilarating experience. Visit the exotic markets and night markets in Phnom Penh.


Vietnam is easy to explore with a backpack with a super efficient transport including public buses and easy to use train. Rich culture and currency makes you feel like a king. Vietnam is a paradise for backpackers. If you are seeking epic adventures, unique experiences, mouth watering foods and ancient historical sites, glistening pagodas, lush rice paddies, magnificent limestone rock formation, amazing caves, bustling food markets, idyllic mountains, shimmering coastlines that’s Vietnam for you.

Many travellers opt to explore Vietnam by motorcycle which is the best way to get around if you have plenty of time.

Hanoi is the chaotic capital of Vietnam. It is a great place to start your journey or end it, depending on whether you plan your backpacking trip from the north to south or vice versa. Hanoi also home to the famous water puppet show .The city has many attraction to see, most of which are lakes, pagodas and museums and of course the Old Quarter.

Make a trip to the country side of Sapa where you can ride your motorcycle through the hills and explore waterfalls. Arrange a trip to Halong Bay being a highlight on any Vietnam trip.

Shop in the quaint town of Hue to Hoi an, where you can get an affordable, good quality suit made. Then go to Nha Trang to let loose, feel a bit wild and have some fun on the water. A popular water sports area with the likes of windsurfing, paragliding and jet skiing on offer. There’s enough of adrenaline here to keep the most adventurous happy.

Party at the clubs or bars at Nha Trang beach. Munch on Vietnamese cuisine especially the lip smacking street food.

Make a trip to Phu Quoc Island and discover its immaculate beaches.

Phu Quoc Island Backpackers Delight: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Mui Ne is a great place to go kite surfing for its strong waves on the shore but very good wind for all water sports.

So while planning your Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia backpacking tour you don’t need to book a return flight, since the prices of 2 one-way flights are similar to those of return flights.

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The Eight Wonder of the World: Milford Sound

The Eight Wonder of the World: Milford Sound
Milford Sound is New Zealand’s purest treasure. It is rightfully described as the Eighth wonder of the world by Rudyard Kiping. Being situated on the West coast of South Island, Milford Sound is a fusion of spectacular natural features with amazing visual cues around every corner. There are many ways to experience Milford Sound’s beauty, but the most popular is to visit it on a day tour that includes a scenic cruise around its waters. The postcard-perfect views are breath-taking in any weather. Milford sound is equally incredible in both the sun and rain. In the sun the fiord lights up for all to see it’s incredible mountains and peaks, while in the rain Milford sound comes alive with hundreds of thundering waterfalls gushing over its vertical cliffs facing on both sides of your cruise boat.

There is so much to see and do in this awe inspiring area by taking a cruise, kayak and dive or even fly.

Day Tours: Board a bus or a coach to travel to Milford Sound through amazing scenery, stopping for photos along the way. Explore the fiord with a scenic cruise. Day Tours is the popular way to see Milford Sound.

Do a scenic flight: there is so many breathtaking hikes, multi day tramps, scuba diving, kayaking underwater observatories and more. Another enchanting perspective of Milford sound is from above, so if you have the budget, a flight over Milford Sound and Fiord land national park is a must to do. Scenic flights from Milford sound offer breathtaking beauty and a unique way to see Fiord land National Park. You can upgrade your Milford Sound Coach tour by including a flight back to Queenstown.

Milford Sound

Try adventuring through thick untouched rainforest in the Tutoko Valley. Walk along Fiordland’s pristine temperate rainforest and feel nature breathe. Climb over trees, jump through puddles and look out for rare and wonderful wildlife.

Milford Sound Cruise: Although kayaking and scuba diving is another way to get out on the water, cruising Milford sound is definitely the most accessible for any type of traveller. You’ll see all the highlights of the Milford sound, including sterling falls and a seal colony, with many more photos opportunists. Cruises are affordable and don’t take up too much time of your day freeing you for more awesome Milford sound must dos. Depending on whether you’re after a short scenic cruise or a longer more nature focused option, there’s a range of boat cruises on offer in Milford sound to suit your preferences. Every cruise on Milford Sound offers passengers with spectacular scenery and unique wildlife encounters. While booking your cruise there are things to consider when booking your cruise? Vessel Size, Length of Cruise, Timing of Cruise and discovery centre.

Campervan at Milford Sound: No Campervan tour of the south island is complete without a night in Milford Sound. There are ranges of powered sites for campervans, all located within the beauty of Milford sound. Stay for a night or two, enjoy full use of the facilities and soak up all that this special corner of the world has to offer. During the month of November – April these campervan sites are incredibly popular.

Watch the sunset from the Arthur Valley: Head down to Deep water basin for the best place to watch the sun dip behind the mountains. Watch the sky turn changing colours from blue to crimson to orange.

Kayaking and hiking excursion in Milford Sound: both hiking and kayaking are two of the most exciting outdoor activities you can practice. This combo will allow you to fully experience the fiordland. Get ready to head on a relaxing yet exciting kayaking trio that will be topped with an amazing hiking excursion. The kayaking and hiking excursion in Milford sound is the best way to experience the Fiord land. If you make a mix of paddling and walking you get the ultimate outdoor day in Milford sound, you will kayak from Deepwater Basin to Sanfly Point before putting on the hiking boots as you set foot on the world famous Milford track.

Best way to go to Milford sound: there are several ways to get to Milford Sound including bus and coach travel, self drive or air travel. The route you choose will depend on the amount of time you have, your budget and what type of traveller you are.

Best time to visit Milford Sound: Being the wettest areas on earth, Milford sound weather benefits from high levels of rainfall and precipitation. The time of year that is best for you to visit Milford Sound really does depend on what you want to take away from your experience, the weather can play a part in that. To see it in its finest natural glory heat visit there in December and January. Otherwise the winter months are a whirl for higher penguin activity. Remember it is beautiful throughout the year.

Accommodation in Milford Sound: One day isn’t quite enough to explore Milford Sound especially if you want to experience walking in the region or go scuba diving. Spend the night and discover the sound under the tranquil southern night sky. There is only one public accommodation in Milford Sound called Milford Sound Lodge. The Lodge has options to suit all budgets. It is nestled beneath the towering peaks of the Darren Mountain. From Milford Sound Lodge one can experience the beauty and majesty of Fiord land National Park. Milford sound Lodge provides travellers with accommodation options ranging from tent and caravan sites to shared dorms, cabins and lodges and their award winning luxury riverside chalets.

Milford Sound Restaurants and bars Guide: The Milford Sound dining experience is cosy and enjoyable with the majority held on board vessels. Cruising the sound is included in the cost of most tours particularly those with overnight options. In term of full fledge restaurants, there aren’t many available here, however you are sure to enjoy every moment of whichever meal option you choose amongst such spectacular surroundings. Few of them are Blue Duck Cafe & Bar, the Sovereign Onboard Cafe, Southern discoveries on Board International Buffet and Boat Terminal Cafe.

Milford sound attractions cater for a range of travellers and budgets from the Adrenaline seeker to the wilderness explorer to the leisurely cruise lovers.

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